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Why do we choose a metal keychain?

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The materials for making keychains are generally metal, leather, plastic, rubber, wood, etc. Therefore, depending on the material of the keychain, there are many types of craftsmanship. Our keychains are made of metal materials. The Custom Keychains are very textured and the production process is mature.

Here is the content list:

l Advantages of metal materials

l The durability, safety, and aesthetics of metal keychains

Advantages of metal materials

Pure metals are generally solid at room temperature (except for mercury), with metallic luster (that is, a strong reflection of visible light). Most metal keychains are excellent conductors of electricity and heat. They are made of metal, and keychains are malleable. The density is higher and the melting point is higher. So metal is a good material for making keychains

Since the electrons of metals tend to detach, metal keychains have good electrical conductivity, and metal elements usually carry positive valence in compounds, but when the temperature is higher, because of the thermal shock of the atomic nucleus, the resistance metal keychain will Will become bigger. The connection between metal molecules is a metal band, so the connection can be re-established by changing the position at will. This is also the reason why the metal keychain has good stretchability. The PVC keychain is made of PVC material. PVC is a white powder with an amorphous structure. The degree of branching is small. The glass transition temperature is 77~90℃, and it begins to decompose around 170℃. The stability of PVC keychains to light and heat is poor. PVC keychains are above 100℃ or have long lengths. When exposed to the sun, it will decompose to produce hydrogen chloride, which will further autocatalyze and decompose, causing the keychain to discolor, and the physical and mechanical properties of the keychain also decline rapidly. In the practical application of PVC keychains, stabilizers must be added to improve the stability of heat and light. So this is why we choose metal keychains instead of PVC keychains.

The durability, safety, and aesthetics of metal keychains

Since metal keychains are made of metal, metal keychains are more stable and firmer than other keychains. If you are giving a keychain to a child as a commemorative gift, you don’t have to worry about it, because the child is naughty and ruined this commemorative gift. In comparison, although the production process of PVC keychains is relatively simple and the cost is relatively low compared with PVC keychains, due to the particularity of PVC materials, the color of the keychain will change due to long-term light and heat, and the high temperature will change the color of the keychain. Produces chemicals that are not good for the human body. Therefore, compared to metal keychains, keychains made of PVC materials are not so good. In addition, because the metal keychain is gold-plated, it is rich in metal material in appearance, so the metal keychain is very good from the perspective of safety and aesthetics, and practicality.

Pingyang Jiahong Crafts Factory selects high-quality raw materials and uses advanced production technology and professional die-casting technology to make keychains. We are confident to ensure that the keychains we make can meet your product requirements.

In addition, we also provide Souvenir coins, Metal Lapel Pin and so on.

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