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How to buy a corkscrew?

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There are many kinds of corkscrews, then how should one choose among these various corkscrews? Here are some introductions.

Here is the content:

Hippocampus corkscrew

Ah-So corkscrew

Rabbit ear corkscrew

Double-arm lever-type bottle opener

Hippocampus corkscrew

The hippocampus is named after its shape resembling the hippocampus. It is mainly composed of a serrated knife, an auger, and two handles (one of which has two bayonets). It is the most classic and currently the most common bottle opener, known as " The king of corkscrews". In addition, the seahorse knife is also a regular corkscrewfor professional sommeliers, and is known as "the friend of the waiter”. The hippocampus corkscrew has many advantages, such as being compact and foldable, making it easy to carry. The operation is simple and the function is complete. The cork of different thicknesses and length can be "handled", and it can also be used to open a beer. And the hippocampus bottle opener is reasonably priced and cost-effective. Its disadvantage is that there are relatively many operating steps. If the operation is improper, it may be broken. The price of hippocampus corkscrews is mostly around dozens of yuan, but there are also top brands that cost thousands of dollars.

Ah-So corkscrew

Ah-So corkscrew is often used to open aged wine, also known as "old wine corkscrew". This kind of bottle opener is also very common, and its structure is relatively simple, consisting of a handle and two iron pieces, one long and one short. The Ah-So corkscrew has many advantages. For example, it will not damage the cork, thereby preventing the wood chips from falling into the liquor. It is an artifact to deal with the fragile cork and the broken cork of old wine. It is not only compact and easy to carry but also affordable. Its disadvantage is that it is more laborious to use, and it is not equipped with a tool to cut the bottle seal. The price of Ah-So corkscrew is generally around tens of yuan.

Rabbit ear corkscrew

The rabbit ear corkscrew is named after its shape resembling a rabbit ear. It consists of two handles similar to rabbit ears and a movable arm connected to a spiral cone. The rabbit ear corkscrew has many advantages, such as simple and efficient operation and very labor-saving, even beginners with little experience in drinking can easily control it, and it is stylish and beautiful. Its disadvantages are that it is large, inconvenient to carry around, and the price is not "close to the people", and generally requires several hundred yuan.

Double-arm lever-type bottle opener

The double-arm lever-type bottle opener is composed of two liftable arms and an auger. Its appearance is like a butterfly, so it is also called a butterfly-type bottle opener. The double-arm lever-type bottle opener has the advantages of labor-saving, high-efficiency, and reasonable price. Its disadvantages are that it is bulky, inconvenient to carry, and it is not "gentle and delicate" enough to operate, and there is a risk of breaking the cork, especially not suitable for old wine. The price is generally around tens of yuan.

Jiahong Crafts Factory is a company engaged in the research of corkscrews for water treatment for many years. All products go through several studies before they leave the factory. If you are engaged in related work, you can contact our company. We look forward to your message. Our website is https://www.keychainsmart.com/.

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