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How does the bottle opener open the bottle cap?

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Imagine that you've had a long day in the sultry weather, and now all you want is to open up the delicious iced beer or premium soda you just bought. But, oh, wait, it doesn't have a bottle opener, so we need a bottle opener. The bottle opener has various shapes and sizes, which can make the daily items just pop open the bottle cap. The most important tool in the arsenal is leverage, which eventually levers the top of the bottle out of the bottle.


Usually, you place the edge of the bottle opener under the edge of the crown cap, then slowly pry it open, and then move along the edge of the cap. Finally, the cap will be released.


So instead of smashing the top with a stone and hoping for the best results, or - God forbid - pry off the cap with your teeth or any other part of your body, try using a bottle opener to open the cap.



In most cases, the bottle opener acts as the second lever: the fulcrum is the far end of the bottle opener, located at the top of the bottle cap, the output is near the bottle opener, at the edge of the bottle cap, between the fulcrum and the hand: in this case, push the push rod upward.


However, it can be used as a first-class lever by placing the near end on top of the cap, the far end below the edge of the cap, and then pushing the lever down (so the force output is on the opposite side). From the fulcrum of the hand. This is especially suitable for the formation of obtuse angle blade. Mechanically, this is a lever with a slightly lower efficiency, because the arm is shorter, but from a mechanical point of view, the downward movement is more likely to generate force to some extent.

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