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How regarding the fabric utilized in our keychain

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The materials for creating keychains square measure usually metal, leather, plastic, rubber, wood, etc. The keychains square measure exquisite, compact, and dynamic shapes square measure daily wants that folks carry with them. therefore what's the selection of the metal keychain material we tend to make?


Here is that the content list:

l Keychain product of PVC material

l Metal keychain


Keychain product of PVC material

PVC wont to be the world's largest producer of general plastics, and it's widely used. it's wide utilized in building materials, industrial products, daily wants, etc. Similarly, he's usually utilized in the assembly of keychains.

The PVC keychain is created of PVC material. PVC may be a white powder with AN amorphous structure. The degree of branching is tiny. The glass transition temperature is 77~90℃, and it begins to decompose around 170℃. the soundness of PVC keychains to light-weight and warmth is poor. PVC keychains square measure higher than higher than or have long lengths. once exposed to the sun, it'll decompose to supply acid, which can more autocatalyze and decompose, inflicting the keychain to discolor, and {also the} physical and mechanical properties of the keychain decline speedily. within the exercise of PVC keychains, stabilizers should be intercalary to enhance the soundness of warmth and light-weight.

PVC can turn out dioxins. hydrocarbon (TCDD), the deadliest substance within the dioxins family, maybe a well-known matter and internal secretion decomposer, and a harmful compound, that is extremely harmful to humans and animals. Dioxins square measure created once PVC keychains square measure created, recycled, and destroyed in incinerators, or once PVC keychains square measure accidentally burned, like once buried in garbage. Therefore, though the key chain created with PVC material is comparatively low value and lighter, the feel of the PVC key chain isn't excellent, and also the PVC key chain has poor sturdiness and is straightforward to be broken.


Metal keychain

Metals square measure wide gift in nature and square measure very common in everyday life. they're vital and most utilized in fashionable business. The keychains we tend to build square measure product of metal materials. The materials we tend to build metal keychains usually embody metal alloy, brass, and chrome steel. Metal keychains have several shapes, like cartoon shapes, complete shapes, simulation models, and even CPUs. The materials square measure usually copper, aluminum, rubber, plastic, etc., and also the metal alloy surface is especially nickel-plated or rhodium-plated with anti-rust parts. Metal keychains became one of every of the foremost ordinarily used things for little gifts. the method of metal key chain in the main includes hardware punching, electroplating, chemical corrosion, alloy die-casting, Coriolis printing, optical maser engraving, oil filling, and so on. The materials for creating keychains square measure usually metal, leather, plastic, rubber, wood, etc. Therefore, betting on the fabric of the keychain, there square measure many varieties of expertise. Our keychains square measure product of metal materials. The metal keychains square measure unsmooth and also the production method is mature.


Pingyang Jiahong Crafts plant selects high-quality raw materials and uses advanced production technology and skilled die-casting technology to form keychains. We tend to make will meet your product necessities.


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