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Wholesale Manufacture Gold Silver Copper Custom Logo 3D Personalized Sports Medals 

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Sports medals are awards given to the winners of various competitions. They are generally made of metals. Gold, silver and bronze medals correspond to the first, second and third place respectively. There are different designs for different events, such as marathon running medals, swimming medals, soccer medals, field hockey medals, judo medals, taekwondo medals, etc. Let’s learn more information about them.

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l Introductions of medals

l Importance of medals  

Introductions of medals

The medals are made of iron, zinc alloy, brass, stainless steel and other materials, which are durable and wear-resistant. Their production process generally involve die-casting, soft enamel, electroplating, embossing, hollowing and so on. After the medal is polished, its surface,smooth and shiny, can be plated with any colors, such as gold, antique bronze, bronze, matt gold, matt silver, antique silver, silver, and even two-tone, to meet your various needs. After the medal is cut out, it is more layered, clearer outline, providing you with a certain visual impact. The size of the medal is usually 6cm, 6.5cm, and 7cm, but we can also customize according to your requirements. What you need to do is just send us your design and requirements, and whether it is a round medal, a rectangular medal, a triangle medal, a star meal, or an irregular medal, we can meet your diverse high-end needs. We can also provide you with 3D effects, if you like, giving you a comprehensive visual enjoyment and user experience.

Importance of medals

To the winners, a medal is a a representative of honor and great efforts, and it encourages them to claim another success!

To the kids, a medal can motive them to work harder to realize their dreams and achieve more goals in the future.

To the spectators, a medal can spark their enthusiasm and passion to participate in sports, so as to challenge themselves and win their honors.

To the sports, a medal can help to spread the spirit of perseverance and unity, and deliver friendship and peace.

A medal can also be given as a gift for animation, toys, games and various event celebrations for the purpose of friendship and promotion.


Pingyang Jiahong Crafts Factory has more than 20 years of professional experience in making medals. Our medals, with premium quality, reasonable prices and stylish designs, are welcomed by customers at home and abroad. We are always committed to providing a good shopping experience for our customers. Welcome to contact or visit us for inquiries and purchasing discussion!

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