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What is the origin of the medal?

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The medal is issued to prove the winner of various competitions, usually made of metal, sports competitions are generally gold, silver and bronze medals respectively first, second, third. Medals are not always there. In the earliest sporting events, the winner of the prize is a Guizhi with olive branches woven or "crown." In addition, the origin of medals and some of what?

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l Source

l Official use

l Supplement

l Breakthrough


Olympic Games, Asian Games, and World Championships each individual was awarded the winner of the competition gold, silver, and bronze. However, a long time ago, sports contests' reward obtained, but it is a woven with olive laurel branches circle, the "crown." In 1465, at a meeting in Zurich, Switzerland for a recreation ground, the project was awarded to the winner of the triple jump gold medal. This may be the first time do not give the winner "crown." In 1895 the first Olympic Games winner received is such a "crown."

Official use

Until 1907, the IOC Executive Board in the Hague, the Netherlands held, was officially made a resolution to grant the Olympic gold medal winner, silver, and bronze, and on the 4th London Olympic Games held later implemented.


Since 1924, the 8th Paris Olympic Games, the International Olympic Committee made the following further supplementary decision: In addition to the winners awarded medals, but also at the same time issue a certificate (certificate).

The decision also designed for gold, silver, and bronze medals, making specific provisions. One, two, three prize medals are not less than 60 mm in diameter, 3 mm in thickness. Wherein the first prize (gold) and prize (silver) silver medal production, purity (silver content) of not less than 92.5%, the surface of prize medals (gold) plating gold at least 6 grams. These provisions form the 1928 Olympic Games in Amsterdam 9th start using today.


IOC Olympic medals and identification of the material, weight, size, pattern, and others have strict rules. Olympic champion and runner-up for the silver medal texture, coated with a winners' medal but also no less than six grams of pure gold. Ever Olympic medal was no breakthrough in the use of materials, the Beijing Olympic Games medal is a creative way in which the jade inlay. This design not only complies with the relevant regulations of the International Olympic Committee, but also demonstrates the noble quality of "Jade", indicates the "golden jade" in traditional Chinese culture, and reflects the Chinese people's praise of the Olympic spirit and respect for athletes. To praise. The Beijing Olympics medals will use white jade for gold medals, pure white jade for silver medals, and sapphire for bronze medals.

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