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What is the history of the development of the bottle openers?

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Each bottle openeris an essential tool for drinkers who love to open a bottle of wine process is also an important part of the wine experience. There are many types of corkscrews on the market. With the emergence and development of modern industry, a bottle opener from the first generation to the third generation, from the first to the emergence of various high-tech plastic bottle opener, after decades of development. Some people say that a traditional corkscrew is a tool used by the "savage gentleman". Then, with the advent of the pneumatic corkscrew and electric corkscrew, the "savage gentleman" has become more elegant and become a true gentleman. Next is an introduction to the development history of the corkscrew.

Here is the content:

l First generation

l Second generation

l Third generation

First generation

The first generation we call the traditional bottle openers. The traditional opener to the main manual plastic bottle opener represented. The disadvantages of these bottle openers are obvious. First of all, this kind of bottle opener is very laborious, so it is not suitable for women and children to use, and secondly, the appearance is not beautiful.

Second generation

The second generation is mainly stainless steel bottle opener, butterfly bottle opener, hippocampus bottle opener, metal bottle opener, etc., multi-function bottle opener. The pneumatic bottle opener and the electric bottle opener (prototype) began to appear diversified functions, easy to use and labor-saving. For example, a knife appeared in the stainless steel bottle opener, which played a role in cutting tin foil. Metal bottle opener to start the use of leverage to achieve the convenient labor-saving effect. This generation opener breakthrough appeared prototype third-generation electric pneumatic opener, laying the foundation for the third-generation electric pneumatic opener.

The disadvantage of this generation bottle opener is also very obvious. First, it does not get rid of the laborious shortcomings, it is still not suitable for ladies. Metal corkscrews began to use some physical principles, but the product was bulky and awkward. Pneumatic and electric bottle opener immature technology, the appearance of unsightly.

Third generation

The third generation is mainly pneumatic bottle openers and electric bottle openers. This generation of bottle openers includes pneumatic bottle openers, electric bottle openers (dry electric bottle openers and rechargeable electric bottle openers) are developed based on the second generation, represented by pneumatic and electric bottle openers. Get rid of the laborious and clumsy shortcomings of the first and second generations of red wine bottle openers. Technology is mature, stylish appearance. This distinctive feature wine bottle opener generation of automated operation, the use of modern technology perfectly on the bottle opener, saving time, effort, convenient, fast and more suitable for women to use.

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