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What is the evolution of the medal?

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The medalsand certificates of the Olympic Games are provided by the organizing committee of each Olympic Games, but they belong to the International Olympic Committee and are awarded to the winning athletes by the International Olympic Committee. The medals awarded by the Olympic Games have undergone an evolutionary process.

Here is the content:

l Material evolution

l Pattern evolution

Material evolution

In the first Olympic Games in 1896, only the top two medals were awarded to the top two in each event, and the champion won the silver medal and the runner-up won the bronze medal. The medal at that time was designed by the French artist Sharpton and had a diameter of 50 mm. At the same time, the organizing committee also presented wreaths to the winning athletes by the ancient tradition. The wreath for the first place was made of olive branches, and the wreath for the second place was made of bay leaves. In addition, the winners also received prizes such as trophies and vases from the conference. The winners of the shooting competition are the most affordable. They receive short guns and rifles as prizes.

In the 3rd Olympic Games in 1904, first place won a gold medal.

Pattern evolution

In May 1907, the International Olympic Committee decided to develop a standard style for the Olympic medal. Two years later, the medal style was stipulated as follows: the front side of the medal should be a uniform pattern, and the backside can be designed by the host country that hosted the Olympic Games.

In the 9th Olympic Games in 1928, the pattern on the front of the medal was officially unified. It uses a pattern elaborately designed by the Florentine artist Cassioli, which is a statue of the goddess holding flowers in his left hand and an olive branch in his right hand next to the sports field. On the sports field is the number, location, and year of the Olympic Games. The words "Victory, Friendship, Unity" are written on both sides of the medal. The size of the medal is also stipulated. It is round, with a diameter of at least 60 mm and a thickness of 3 mm. The first is the gold-plated silver medal, the amount of gold plating is at least 6 grams of pure gold, commonly known as the "gold medal." The second and third places won the silver and bronze medals. The silver purity of the first and second place medals is above 92.5‰. Since then, all previous Olympic medals have adopted this pattern and specifications as the standard.

In 1956, the International Olympic Committee decided to mark sports on the medal. The International Olympic Committee has no specific regulations on the size and design of the medal, but it must be approved in the end. The International Olympic Committee also stipulates that the medals and certificates of the Winter Olympics should be different from those of the Summer Olympics, but there is no uniform standard. Every Olympic Games, whether it is summer or winter, the design of the medal must be approved by the International Olympic Committee.

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