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What is a lapel pin?

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The lapel pin is a small decorative badge, as the name suggests, worn on the lapel, sometimes on the collar. lapel pins are metal and are also called bar pins. In our lives, the wearing of lapel pins is unique. There are many kinds of lapel pins. Let us learn about lapel pins.

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Lapel pins are aesthetically pleasing

Lapel pins can be customized

The lapel pin is commemorative

Lapel pins are aesthetically pleasing

Although lapel pins are more common. Women shop, because the lapel pin is purely a cosmetic decoration, the lapel pin is designed to make the parts tied to the clothes invisible. On the back of the lapel pin, a metal pin or strip is bent to form a buckle and then bends back after passing through it. Because this lapel pin is invisible when it is worn, it cannot distract attention from the design of the lapel pin, so it is more beautiful.

Lapel pins can be customized

The lapel pin can be customized according to the customer's design. However, there are many different types of lapel pins available, so comparisons should be made in order to choose the lapel pin that best suits the desired appearance. JIAHONG lapel pin has a jewel-like luster. Designed and made into a mold, used to leave a mark on the bronze. Separate molds cut off the excess metal. Each color is filled by hand with a mixture similar to broken glass and then cooked at a high temperature. This prevents color mixing. The lapel pins are then handed polished and plated with gold or silver. This is the most collected and most valuable type of lapel stitch. The less expensive ones are embossed pins. The color of the lapel pin is made of soft enamel, embedded on the surface of the pin, and the exposed metal area is slightly raised. The pattern can be screen printed on the lapel pin, or even directly printed on brass. on. You can also transfer the photo to the lapel pin. In addition to the surface of the lapel pin with a plating layer to protect its surface, the JIAHONG lapel pin will be coated with a layer of epoxy resin to protect the paint. If the pattern has no color, this is a popular choice is a nailed pin mold to make your design impression out of ordinary metal, and then polish the lapel pin.

The lapel pin is commemorative

Lapel pins can have countless different uses. lapel pins are often used as commemorative gifts to employees, or with company logos, lapel pins can be worn at workplaces or office parties. lapel pins can also be designed to commemorate a special occasion or to promote a specific cause in a fundraiser. In addition, many clubs and sports teams will issue pins to commemorate special milestones or events. These lapel pins can become a hot spot for collectors. The company's corporate anniversary souvenir at KFC's 50th-anniversary celebration the lapel pin with KFC characteristics is of commemorative significance.

Each manufacturer is responsible for producing lapel pins that meet the standards to ensure the healthy development of the lapel pin market. Before leaving the factory, Pingyang Jiahong Arts And Crafts Factory have carried out a large number of product quality inspections on the lapel pins to provide a guarantee. If you are engaged in lapel pin-related business and have a need for lapel pins, you can consider using our cost-effective products. At the same time, you can enter our website: https://www.keychainsmart.com/ to view more products about lapel pins.

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