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What is a bookmark?

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From ancient times to the present, from the East to the West, people always mention one thing when they read books, that is, bookmarks. Bookmarks are a good helper when people read books. Let us understand in detail what a bookmark is.

Here is the content list:

l Meaning of bookmarks

l History of bookmarks

l Use of bookmarks

Meaning of bookmarks

Bookmarks are objects made of hard paper for the convenience of reading and used to mark the progress of reading in the book. The pictures are random and the materials are extensive. Even a used train ticket or airplane ticket can be used as a bookmark. The pattern of bookmarks can be painted, cut and paste, or printed. The most common shape of bookmarks is a rectangle, and many of them are geometric or special shapes, such as rhombus, oval, rooster, leaf, etc. The materials made are mainly paper of various colors, as well as leaves, bamboo, leather, metal, etc. The main content of the bookmark includes characters, animals, insects, fish, ink paintings, scenic spots or some small symbolic patterns or blessings, Famous sayings, idioms, etc.

History of bookmarks

In China, bookmarks were the first to be called publications, meaning "cutting wood branches to mark". Bookmarks originated in the Spring and Autumn Period and Warring States Period and were called "toothpicks" at that time. It is made of bamboo. Whenever you see a very important place in the scroll, you will insert a "toothpick" at one end of the book for easy viewing later. When the scroll book is changed to folding, the use of bookmarks becomes even greater. In the Tang Dynasty, there was already a bookmark or toothpick. In the Song Dynasty, the printing industry was developed. Most of the bookmarks were made of paper or silk cloth. They were called "floating picks" or "book cover inscriptions". They were also called toothpicks in the old days. In the 16th century, Queen Elizabeth I used bookmarks. Internationally, bookmarks were commercialized very early. In the 19th century, Thomas Steven was famous for making bookmarks. In 1862, he published bookmarks called Stevengraphs.

Use of bookmarks

Bookmarks can be used to inscribe the title of a book. They are usually pasted on the upper left corner of the cover of an ancient book. Sometimes there are small slices of the book and the name of the inscribed person and mark where you read it to record the reading progress.

The bookmark screen is random, and the materials are widely used. Even a used train ticket or airplane ticket can be used as a bookmark. In addition to the content of the picture, the artistic bookmarks often have innovations in materials and shapes. Bookmarks are more convenient than book-folding and other page numbering methods, and the damage to the book is lower. It is a very good page numbering method.

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