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What are the ways to wear brooches?

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What are the ways to wear brooches?

Wearing a brooch is a Western etiquette, so it is often inconclusive. Basically, if you are the master of ceremonies in important formal occasions, special guests, awards presenters, or company anniversary events, then the brooch is indispensable. So what are the ways to wear brooches?

Here is the content list:

lWear brooches according to different clothing

lThe way women wear brooches

lThe way men wear brooches

Wear brooches according to different clothing

When the shawl or scarf is wrapped around the neck and shoulders, it can be fixed at will with a big brooch. For cardigans or jackets, replacing traditional buttons with brooches also has a good fashion effect, and it may sometimes be the finishing touch.

In addition to the brooch on the side of the chest, it can also be buckled on the side of the bottleneck, which is both elegant and romantic. If you want the brooch to be buckled on your chest, you can try to buckle several small brooches irregularly together to create a lively and jumping movement. In winter clothing, the fabrics are often heavy and stiff, and brooches can be made of metal, inlaid with gemstones, or with a sense of weight.

Attach a brooch on a solid cloth handbag, and a dark handbag can be matched with a colorful floral brooch or a shimmering gravel brooch. For light-colored handbags, brooches of the same hue can create a soft feeling, while contrasting colors are even more eye-catching.

The way women wear brooches

Ladies can create their own ways of wearing brooches as they please. The most traditional method of the buckle is to buckle the brooch on the lapel of the coat. But this season, the flower brooch can be worn anywhere, and it will be refreshing to buckle the brooch on the pocket of the jacket or even the pocket of jeans. Of course, when wearing formal wear, you can choose a larger brooch, the material should be better, and the color should be pure. When wearing shirts or thin woolen sweaters, you can wear fashionable and chic, small and exquisite brooches.

The way men wear brooches

Men's brooches are always strict. When wearing a collared dress, the brooch should be worn on the left side. Wear unleaded clothes, and the brooch is on the right side. When the hairstyle is to the left, the brooch is worn on the right, and vice versa, the brooch is worn on the left. Moreover, the upper and lower positions of the brooch should be parallel between the first and second buttons.

Manufacturers have the responsibility to comply with the brooches to ensure the brooch market ensure the development of the brooch market. Pingyang Jiahong Arts And Crafts Factory conducts a large number of product quality inspections on brooches before our professional health needles to provide a guarantee. If you are engaged in brooch-related business, like cooperation with KFC, if you need brooch as my product on the anniversary of KFC, you can consider using our cost-effective products. At the same time, you can go to our website: https://www.keychainsmart.com/ to view more products about pin chests.

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