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What are the types of medals?

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What are the types of medals?

There are many medals, according to the classification of different ways, the medal can be divided into different categories. Here are some examples.

Here is the content:

l Classified by shape

l Classified by material classification

l Classified by the process classification

l Classified by purpose

Classified by shape

In the production of medals, we will make badges of various shapes according to the requirements of users, which can be roughly divided into round, oval, square, rectangular, triangular, inscribed hollow, three-dimensional, and other different regular shapes of medals.

Classified by material classification

Generally, medals are made of aluminum, iron, zinc alloy, copper, gold, silver, and other materials. They can also be made of stone, wood, resin, organic, or even a combination of several. A typical example: Beijing 2008 Olympic Games medals. The shape design and production process of metal medals are difficult, and the unit price is high for small quantities of production, while the crystal material medals are different. It can be a big fuss in the shape. It can be made with a special shape, refined and elegant. When the enterprise is customized, it is also very easy to realize proper processing and production. There are also wooden medals that are more popular with enterprises now. Due to the unique material characteristics of wood, a literary smell is completely reflected.

Classified by the process classification

The transfer medal is a kind of medal that prefabricates pictures and texts on the transfer paper, which is convenient for the on-site work of the workpiece. The transfer graphic is very clear, but correspondingly speaking, the production cost is also higher.

The material of the electroplating medals can be metal, plastic, etc. After etching the graphics, ionic metals are deposited, usually chromium, nickel, or gold. The surface of the electroplated medals is very bright, looks noble, and has strong corrosion resistance.

The electroforming medal is to deposit the metal on the "master mold" at a higher current density, and then peel off from the master mold after deposition. Ultra-thin self-adhesive electroforming nameplates belong to this type, which is a variety that has been widely popular in recent years.

Silk-printed medals include metal silk-printed medals, plastic silk-printed medals, acrylic silk-printed medals, etc. Silk-printed medals have a wide range of adaptability and are mostly used on plastic panels, such as speaker panels, chassis panels, and other mechanical panels. It has the characteristics of low cost and wide application.

PVC soft plastic medal is a kind of decorative medal with polycarbonate (PC or PVC) as the base material, which is thermally injection molded through a mold, and then subjected to subsequent processing such as coloring or vacuum plating to complete the color of the medal pattern and its protection. PVC soft signs have good abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance, thereby improving the grade of products. They are widely used in electrical appliances, machinery, and other industries, and are also a good business gift.

Classified by purpose

Advanced individual medals, advanced collective medals, authorized medals, franchise medals, and membership medals.

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