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What are the types of corkscrews?

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What are the types of corkscrews?

For good wine, the advancement of technology does not seem to make you worry about how to open it, because a variety of corkscrews are available for you to choose from, from the original T-shaped corkscrew to the time-saving and labor-saving dual-arm lever-type There is a wide selection of corkscrews, or the easy-to-learn Ah-So corkscrews, or the waiter type corkscrews with various functions. This article introduces several common corkscrews.

Here is the content:

l T-shaped corkscrew

l Double-arm lever-type corkscrew

l Waiter type corkscrew

l Rabbit ear corkscrew

l Ah-So corkscrew

T-shaped corkscrew

The T-shaped corkscrew is one of the simplest corkscrews. It is composed of a handle and a screw bit. Its usage is also very simple, but it is more laborious to use, and it often breaks or breaks the cork, which will affect the wine. create pollution.

Double-arm lever-type corkscrew

The double-arm lever-type corkscrew is also called the butterfly-type corkscrew, which consists of two liftable arms and a spiral drill bit. As the drill bit penetrates the cork, its arms are also lifted. After lifting to the end, you only need to press the arms and the wine cork is pulled out. Its characteristics are labor-saving, high-efficiency, but not easy to operate, large in size, not portable, and only suitable for home use.

Waiter type corkscrew

The waiter type corkscrew, commonly known as "the waiter's friend", is a tool commonly used by most sommeliers. It usually consists of a wine knife (the tin foil used to cut the opening of the bottle), a spiral drill bit, and a corking bracket. The usage is also simple and easy to learn. After the auger is drilled into the wine cork, the cork holder is placed on the edge of the bottleneck, and the wine cork is pulled out step by step. It is foldable, easy to carry, and versatile, so it is very popular among sommeliers.

Rabbit ear corkscrew

The rabbit ear corkscrew is a quick corkscrew, named after its two handles used to clamp the bottleneck of the wine-like rabbit ears. After the "rabbit ear" grips the bottleneck with the handle, press down the pressure rod to make the auger quickly enter the bottle stopper, and then pull the pressure rod back to make the bottle stopper come out. Its operation is simple and efficient, but it is cumbersome and not portable, and it is expensive.

Ah-So corkscrew

Ah-So corkscrew is also one of the easy-to-learn corkscrews. It consists of a handle and two iron pieces, and the operation is very simple. Just the two iron plates inserted into the cork and the bottle edge gap, from right to left and then slowly rotated up and out to the cork. When using the Ah-So corkscrew, there is no need to worry about the cork being pulled or broken and stuck in the bottle.

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