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What are the types of brooches?

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What are the types of brooches?

Brooch, as the name implies, refers to an ornament worn by people on the chest. Broadly speaking, brooches should include pins, pins, brooches, and tie clips. Women's brooches are mostly worn on the collars of suits or decorated on sweaters, shirts, or skirts. It is different from a kind of pin-shaped jewelry worn on the collar of a suit. The latter is mostly a pin, also called a suit to clip. So what is the type of brooch? Let's take a look.

Here is the content list:

lLarge brooch

lSmall brooch

lThe difference between a large brooch and a small brooch

Large brooch

At present, the popular styles of brooches can be roughly divided into two types: large and small. The length or diameter of the large brooch is about 5 cm, the pattern is more complicated, and most of them are embedded with natural or artificial gems.

Small brooch

The length or diameter of a small brooch is only about 2 cm. In addition to being used on the chest area, the brooch can also be used on the neckline and the neckline. It is also called a pinch pin or collar pin. It is small in size and simple in pattern, mostly single-branched flowers. There are also brooches with the animal shape of the Chinese zodiac.

The difference between a large brooch and a small brooch

The difference in structure between large brooches and small brooches is: large brooches have support with a layer of silk or sheet on it, while small brooches do not. Brooches are often combined with rings and necklaces to make three-piece jewelry, and they can also be combined with earrings, rings, and necklaces to make four-piece jewelry. This suit jewelry is made of exquisite materials, bright in color, and unique in shape, and can be used for specific occasions such as weddings and banquets.

Brooches belong to all kinds of jewelry. Wearing a delicate and eye-catching brooch on the chest can not only attract attention and give people a sense of beauty but also can strengthen or weaken the attention of a certain part of the appearance to achieve the aesthetic effect of making clothes and jewelry. Complement each other. The texture, color, and position of the brooch need to be compatible and coordinated with the clothing. Generally speaking, when wearing a suit, you can choose a larger brooch, the material is better, and the color should be pure and stable. Wearing a shirt and a thin sweater can wear a stylish, chic, small, and exquisite brooch.

When wearing a brooch, please choose the shape and texture that suits your occasion. According to custom, diamond brooches should be worn at night, and metal or plastic brooches should be worn during the day. When choosing a brooch, the brooch worn by girls and young women should be small and exquisite. Middle-aged and elderly women can choose brooches with more refined textures. Men generally don't wear brooches. In addition, the corsage is another accessory that adds femininity.

The style of the brooch should also be considered in harmony with the face shape. Women with round faces should wear rectangular brooches. Women with rectangular faces should use approximately round brooches. This can serve as a foil and complement each other. The decoration of the neckline brooch should pay more attention to the coordination of face and body shape.

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