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What are the similarities and differences between metal bookmarks and plastic bookmarks?

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What are the similarities and differences between metal bookmarks and plastic bookmarks?

With the development of science and technology, bookmarks have evolved from wooden ones before to plastic and metal ones. Due to the difference in materials, various types of bookmarks also have certain similarities and differences. Let us understand the similarities and differences between plastic bookmarks and metal bookmarks.

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l Similarities between plastic bookmarks and metal bookmarks

l Differences between plastic bookmarks and metal bookmarks

l Summarize the two bookmarks

Similarities between plastic bookmarks and metal bookmarks

Whether it is a plastic bookmark or a metal bookmark, they are all used to remember the number of pages read.

Bookmarks are used to inscribe the title of a book. They are usually pasted on the upper left corner of the cover of an ancient book. They generally mark the place where they are read and record the progress of the reading. They are small slices in the book.

You can generally write on bookmarks: inspirational words, lyrical words, mottos, experience, favorite poems, famous quotes, learning experience.

Differences between plastic bookmarks and metal bookmarks

Plastic bookmarks are made of plastic and are characterized by light texture, good electrical insulation, and resistance to chemical corrosion. Can print various patterns on the surface and accept most customizations. And the cost is low, and many bookmarks can be made at a very low price, which is economical. However, plastic bookmarks are not heat resistant, and long-term use may cause deformation.

The metal bookmark is made of metal. Because the metal bookmark breaks the traditional paper bookmark, it has another metal texture. Metal bookmarks are used more and more widely, and they are used more as gifts and collectibles. Add a layer of anti-oxidation oxide layer through electroplating to play a role of not fading. Polishing is the use of flexible polishing tools and abrasive particles or other polishing media to modify the surface of the workpiece. Polishing cannot improve the dimensional accuracy or geometrical accuracy of bookmarks, but to obtain a smooth surface or mirror gloss. Silkscreen printing means screen printing text, icons, etc., using special inks to double guarantee that the color will not fade and will not fade. Commonly used process silk-printing concave-convex code to make metal bookmarks more textured. The four-color process of metal bookmarks can improve the clarity of the gold card and enhance the texture of the gold card to be more exquisite. The surface drawing of the metal bookmark is more novel, with stripes, tactility, and a richer appearance. Metal bookmarks are not easily deformed, have a long service life, and are corrosion-resistant. However, metal bookmarks are heavy and costly.

Summarizing the two types of bookmarks, we can know that plastic bookmarks are lighter than metal bookmarks, easy to carry, and inexpensive, and can be accepted by most people. Compared with plastic bookmarks, metal bookmarks are less deformable and have a longer service life.

In summary, the big family of bookmarks is very large. I think after this introduction, you should have some understanding of plastic bookmarks and metal bookmarks. Pingyang Jiahong Crafts Factory has very good achievements in the bookmark industry, and the quality qualification rate is guaranteed. If you want to buy bookmarks, you can consider our cost-effective products.

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