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What are the precautions in the medal customization process?

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What are the precautions in the medal customization process?

In the process of company medal customization, what are the requirements? Let's give you a detailed introduction to the company's medal customization process. What are the precautions?

Here is the content:

l Material selection

l Description of the customization process

l Description of custom time

l Note introduction

Material selection

How to choose the material of the medal should be a question everyone will ask. More than 70% of companies will choose sterling silver customized medals. This is because, in the case of mass customization, the sterling silver material can guarantee the value of the medal, and at the same time for the customized company, such a cost is also affordable. The current fashion trend also includes the operation of wrapping gold based on pure silver. This is mainly an action taken to reward employees. It is much cheaper than pure gold, but for employees, it is also a kind of comfort. About ten percent of people will choose pure gold customization, but this kind of customization is too expensive, so you can consider co-production of gold and silver. The remaining 20% will choose stainless steel customization.

Description of the customization process

If you have selected the material of the medal, the next step is to choose a custom style. For example, choose a medal with a common standard style or choose a medal with a customized style. A good designer can meet the requirements of each company in terms of design standards. Even for some more special requirements, drafts can be produced, but it takes a little longer. And this is also a test of the designer's qualifications. The designer not only needs to have a reliable knowledge background but also needs to have enough practical experience. The designer's work will be displayed on the official website.

Description of custom time

Designers usually produce electronic design drawings within two hours after receiving the draft and signing the contract. Especially friends who have special needs or more tight schedules, in these two hours or so, must discuss this issue with the designer, and make sure to clarify the dissatisfaction at this step. Especially for the customization of precious gold and silver, the subsequent revision of the company's medal is very expensive, so check this point carefully. After confirming the design draft, there will be proofing in 2 to 5 days. This is to confirm whether different materials can be matched with the method according to our agreed design. In particular, the texture of pure gold is very soft, and it is very likely that in the case of more design patterns, the subsequent drafts will not look good. So make a sample first. The overall delivery time of the medals will be delivered to your door within 5-10 days after confirmation of proofing.

Note introduction

The first is the ordering process for precious metals. Generally, do not choose to ship in large quantities at one time, you can customize about 1g first. The uniqueness of the medal design drawing also needs attention, especially when it comes to copyright. As a relatively well-known company in the industry, if the copyright pattern of other companies appears on the design drawing, it must be good for your company’s goodwill. Impacted.

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