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What are the different kinds of bookmarks?

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What are the different kinds of bookmarks?

Bookmarks have a long history. From Qin Dynasty to modern times, they can be found everywhere. From simple leaf bookmarks to modern metal bookmarks and electronic bookmarks, the bookmark family is also developing rapidly. Let us understand what are the various types of bookmarks.

Here is the content list:

l Leaf Vein Bookmark

l Bamboo bookmark

l Plastic bookmark

l Metal bookmark

Leaf Vein Bookmark

Leaf vein bookmark is to remove the epidermis and mesophyll tissue and is only made of leaf veins. On the bookmark, you can see a thicker leaf vein in the middle is called the main vein, and many smaller branches are called lateral veins on the main vein; the lateral veins are divided into smaller branches called fine veins. In this way, divide and divide, and finally connect the entire leaf vein system into a network structure. Dye this net-like vein into various colors, tie a ribbon, and become a beautiful vein bookmark.

Bamboo bookmark

Bamboo bookmarks originated in the Spring and Autumn Period and Warring States Period. At that time, people would use a bamboo handicraft called "toothpicks", and there were the earliest bamboo bookmarks. Bamboo bookmarks are made of dried bamboo pieces, which are strong and durable. And you can sculpt various shapes yourself, and seal characters. It was an excellent gift for literati and ink guests in the past.

Plastic bookmark

Plastic is a material that has emerged in modern times. It has the characteristics of strong plasticity and durability. Of course, it is also used as a material for making bookmarks. The bookmark made of plastic can be made into any shape and can meet the various needs of contemporary people. And the cost of plastic is extremely low, making bookmarks will save a lot of money. And because of the durable properties of plastic, plastic bookmarks have an extremely long life.

Metal bookmark

Metal bookmarks, as the name suggests, are bookmarks made of gold. Because metal bookmarks break the traditional paper bookmarks, they have another kind of metal texture, and they are used more and more widely, and they are used more as gifts and collectibles. The metal bookmark is an elegant and sophisticated reading tool. A small metal foil completely enhances our reading experience. It is not just a bookmark for marking pages, it was born to accurately preserve our memory of the lines between the words, and users only need to remember the trilogy: 1. Find important paragraphs and mark them accurately with exquisite bookmarks; 2. Use rapid help And accurately return to the page and line when the book is closed; 3. While enjoying the fun of reading, protect the beloved book. Exquisite metal bookmarks have been introduced to new ones, breaking the traditional paper bookmarks. With the rapid development, various forms have appeared in front of everyone more and more, and the scope of use has become wider and wider. The graduation season, the beginning of the new school season, birthday surprises, teacher's day gifts, holiday blessings, the scope is expanded to everywhere, each exquisite bookmark carries a feeling for the book, and every time you read it will give readers a deep impression.

In summary, the big family of bookmarks is already very large. I think after this introduction, you should have some understanding of the types of bookmarks. Pingyang Jiahong Crafts Factory has very good achievements in the bookmark industry, and the quality qualification rate is guaranteed. If you want to buy bookmarks, you can consider our cost-effective products.

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