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What are the characteristics of corkscrews?

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What are the characteristics of corkscrews?

In the colorful wine world, the wine glasses paired with fine wines are equally dazzling. Even the corkscrew, the tool used to open the bottle of mellow wine, is also varied, such as hippocampus corkscrew, Ah-So corkscrew, and rabbit ear corkscrew... Next is an introduction to the characteristics of the corkscrew.

Here is the content:

l Principle characteristics

l Structural features

l Features

Principle characteristics

Realized, the bottle opener uses the principle of the inclined plane to rotate the steel needle, which is the screw with the screw in the middle of the picture above, into the red wine oak cork. Secondly, the bottle opener also uses the gear principle. When you apply force to the handle, the force is transmitted through the gear to the steel needle that has been inserted into the oak cork. In addition, there is also the principle of leverage, that is, the handle is relatively long, and the large motion range is used in exchange for a small stroke, which saves effort!

Structural features

Wine corkscrew is a corkscrew tool. It is mainly composed of a handle, a long-foot plug-in, and a short-foot plug-in. It is characterized in that the upper end of the handle is provided with a handle hole, the lower end of the handle is fixedly connected with a long foot and a short foot, and the long foot and the short foot are movably inserted into the sheath. It has a simple structure, saves materials and materials, is low in cost, economical, and convenient to use. It is a wine corkscrew that is quick to open, safe, and convenient to carry. It appears more in restaurants. Its design is very beautiful, it looks a bit like a knife when folded, it can be easily put in your pocket after use, it is small and convenient. And as long as you learn some bottle opening skills, you can use them easily. It is a popular bottle opener with a lower average price and higher cost performance.


There are mainly two functions, beer, and wine.

The hippocampus corkscrew is a regular wine opening tool for sommeliers. The hippocampus wine knife corkscrew is an amazing design. Since its invention by the Spanish, it has made many followers, but no one can surpass it. Therefore, it is known as the "King of Corkscrews". The two-stage fulcrum of the hippocampus wine knife is more convenient and labor-saving to open a bottle of wine. It is made of high-quality stainless steel and medium-carbon steel and consists of three main parts: beer opening (being used as a fulcrum when opening beer and corking), screw drill, and serrated knife. Beautiful, light, and practical.

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