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Variety classification of keychains

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The keychains square measure exquisite, compact, and changing shapes square measure daily wants that folks carry with them. The keychain is an associate degree ornament that hangs on the ring. The keychain is often used as an associate degree ornament or as a present on numerous occasions. So, what varieties of keychains square measure there?


Here is that the content list:

l Couple keychain

l Car brand keychain

l Memorial button

l Solar keychain


Couple keychain

The couple keychain may be a newly developed accent manufactured from exhausting Zn alloy. it's attainment for whole promotion and a unique gift. the rear of the keychain may be tailor-made with an optical device brand.

Keychain product use: company whole promotion, new product promotion, traveler attractions, souvenirs, college celebration souvenirs, advertising, and alternative industries ceremonial occasion promotional things.


Car brand keychain

The automobile brand keychain may be a newly developed Zn alloy automobile product. The surface of the keychain is rust-proofed by dripping oil or plated with rare metal; it's an associate degree exquisite tiny gift for automobile house owners in 4S search promotions. The automobile brand keychain is additionally vital for automobile house owners. automobile interior provides, automobile pendants, customized fashion provides.

Car brand keychain product use: company whole promotion, new product promotion, souvenirs, and alternative industries ceremonial occasion promotional things.


Commemorative keychain

The keychain may be used as a ceremonialoccasion gift surely events. for instance, the ceremonial occasion keychain for the 2008 Peiping Olympic Games. Fuwa is that the being of the twenty-ninth Peiping Olympic Games in 2008. It is a color and inspiration square measure derived from the 5 Olympic rings, from China's large mountains and rivers, rivers, lakes, and seas, and people's favorite animals. Engrave the image of Fuwa on the keychain, and pass the Fuwa keychain to youngsters everywhere on the planet with a friendly relationship, peace, positive spirit, and therefore the sensible would like of harmony between man and nature. once the keychains of the 5 dolls square measure connected, you may scan Beijing’s heat invite to the planet "Beijing welcomes you". The image style of Fuwa uses the expression of ancient Chinese art and shows the luxurious Chinese culture through the keychain.


Solar keychain

Solar flashing keychain is that the latest development and production of solar power application merchandise. It uses the facility offer principle of low-light amorphous chemical element star cells to form high-quality alphanumeric display flash and shine. star keychain is brand-advertised attainment and a unique gift. Symphony alphanumeric display, the keychain is packed with fun and a way of technology between flashes!


Keychain product use:

Corporate whole promotion, college celebration souvenirs,souvenirs, traveler attractions, new product promotion. ceremonial occasion plaques for the gap of edifices and hotel buildings and ceremonial occasion promotional things for banking, telecommunications, network, insurance, post and telecommunications, and alternative industries.

The front of the keychain flashes on one facet, and therefore the back of the keychain is optical device paper.


Pingyang Jiahong Crafts mill may be a skilled crafts manufacturer, specialized within the producing of keychains, and alternative metal merchandise. we've got been creating keychains for many years. The keychains we tend to manufacture square measure of fine quality and moderate costs. we glance forward to cooperating with you with quality service

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