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Pattern design and cleaning methods of coins

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Souvenir coins have a variety of shapes, such as cartoon shapes, brand shapes, simulation models, etc. The materials are generally copper, aluminum, etc., mainly zinc alloy surface nickel or rhodium and other anti-rust elements. Coins have become a small gift. This kind of commemorative coin is often used as a commemorative gift for large conferences, school events, shopping malls, social events, etc.

Here is the content list:

l Pattern design of coins

l Cleaning methods of coins

Pattern design of coins

Coin pattern design is the first element in the making of coin mold, and it is the embodiment of art in the production of the coin. To fully reflect the artistic theme on the coin surface of square inch size and reflect the style in line with the theme of the activity, the role of design is extremely important. The design of the coin pattern should not only have a high artistic level, but also be able to highlight the theme of the coin on a small coin surface, so it needs a high degree of generality. For coin pattern designers, they should not only fully meet the above artistic requirements, but also seriously consider the feasibility of coin mold making and embossing process

1. The uniformity of coin relief pattern layout must be reasonable, not concentrated in a small area

2. The ratio of the area of the coin relief pattern to the blank space is generally controlled at 1:1 or 4:3. Of course, the subject matter with special requirements can be broken through;

3. The highest point of the coin relief pattern should be in the center of 2 / 3 of the coin face diameter as far as possible;

4. In the production of coinage, we should not arrange the parts with the largest volume of relief patterns on the front and back at the corresponding points, but stagger them as far as possible;

5. The relief pattern of coins should not be too close to the clear edge, let alone connected with the clear edge.

Cleaning methods of coins

1. If the coin surface is oxidized, the color is darkened, and there is dirt, first soak it in boiling water, then squeeze some toothpaste on the coin surface, then scrub it with a soft cloth, and repeat several times.

2. If the surface of the coin has been oxidized and the dirt is serious, use a coin brush to rub it to remove the dirt and oxidation layer and restore its original appearance.

3. If the surface of modern coins is only slightly oxidized, dusty, sweaty, fingerprints, etc., you can use the eraser to rub it several times, and the surface will be shiny as new.

4. For coins with serious dirt and unreadable patterns, the above methods cannot be removed, so you can soak them with dilute hydrochloric acid for a few minutes, then use alkaline water for a few minutes, then wash them with water, and finally brush them with a coin brush.

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