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How to use a bottle opener?

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Corkscrews are often used in kitchens, bars, and other places, but how should the corkscrews be used? This article uses the knife corkscrew as an example to introduce you to the use of the corkscrew.

Here is the content:

  • Ready to work

  • Use a bottle opener

Ready to work

Make some preparations before using the corkscrew. First clean the bottle, cut with a knife along a circular convex portion of the bottle sealed plastic bottle lid, hands note, not the bottle is rotated, if a wine bottle bottom will normally precipitate, the bottle is rotated, so that the precipitate float. Be very careful when dealing with tin caps. It's usually like to stay razor-sharp edge. Your hand will not accidentally hit it, very inconvenient. Some countries that produce some of the wine in the bottle will open with a bottle. Very simple, tear tape on it.

Bottle with a paper towel or cloth wipe. If you find mold on top of the cork, please relax. Their mildew is normal. This does not mean the wine is bad. Simply wipe with a clean cloth can be a bottleneck. If it is an old bottle with a lead cover, be careful, because a small amount of oozing cocktail party and lead react to form toxic lead salt. At this point, the preparation for using the corkscrew is complete. 

Use a bottle opener

At this time, the tip of the auger opener cork insertion site (if the bit is crooked, cork is easily pulled off), then the vertical auger, rotating slowly clockwise, the cork drill. Don't drill the screwdriver of the bottle opener all at once, it is better to leave a ring. Because you don’t know the length of the cork, if you drill the screw of the bottle opener to the end, it will pass through the cork and spill the cork into the wine. You should first buckle the bottle mouth with the first movable joint, hold it tightly with your left hand, and then lift the handle of the bottle opener straight with your right hand. It should be noted that the left hand must be clenched tightly, and the right hand is "lifting" rather than pushing, otherwise, it is easy to infer the cork. In addition, lifting weights will also save effort, because the longer the arm, the less effort. When the cork comes out halfway, buckle the second joint on the bottle mouth and repeat the previous action. Stop when you feel the cork is about to be pulled out, hold the cork in your hand, shake or turn it gently, and the gentleman pulls out the cork. 

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