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How to match the lapel pin?

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The metal of the lapel pin should be the same as other accessories. The metal of belt buckles, cufflinks, watches, and lapel pins should be the same so that they look uniform and make you look radiant without any effort. For example, gold or copper lapel pins are paired with gold or copper accessories, respectively. Silver can replace warm-toned metals at will. So how to match the lapel pin? Let's take a look.

Here is the content list:

lThe selected pins should be in a certain proportion with the other parts of the clothes

lThe color of the pin should be consistent with the whole

lTry custom pins

lChoose the style that suits the workplace

The selected pins should be in a certain proportion with the other parts of the clothes

The lapel pin selected should be in proportion to the rest of the clothes. Don't choose too big a lapel pin, it will look a bit funny or like a corsage worn by a clown. Lapel pins should enhance your overall image, not become the focus of clothes. If you are just starting to wear a lapel pin, choose a smaller lapel pin, and then choose a larger lapel pin when you get used to it. The people in the department store will help you choose the lapel pin that suits the proportions of your clothes.

The color of the pin should be consistent with the whole

The color of the lapel pin should be consistent with the whole. The lapel pin you choose should match the color of your tie or suit. This will make your shape more textured, and there will be no too strong color contrast, which makes people distracting. If you think the color scheme is too overwhelming, you can choose a color similar to the suit color. Purple or green lapel pins can add depth to blue suits, and red or orange ones may look tacky. Neutral colors such as beige, gray and black can be arbitrarily matched, especially gray or black suits. Choose these colors of lapel pins, you don't have to worry about color matching.

Try custom pins

Try custom lapel pins. Design your own lapel pin in the online store. Design a pattern that is meaningful to you, such as a lapel pin with your initials or family seal to show your personality.

Choose the style that suits the workplace

Choose the style that suits the workplace. Lapel pins worn at work should look professional and suitable for the workplace. Although the pins in the shape of naked girls or swords are very artistic, they are not suitable for work occasions. For example, the typewriter-shaped lapel pin is very suitable for newspaper work occasions. If you are unsure, use classic styles such as lilies or feathers. These will not offend anyone. Only wear one lapel pin at a time. Wearing multiple pins at once can look messy and unfocused, unless you work in a special club, such as a military organization. Wearing only one lapel pin at a time allows others to focus on you instead of your accessories.

The production of every lapel pin must be strictly controlled. In the KFC company we cooperated with, the lapel pins displayed on the anniversary celebration were provided by our Pingyang Jiahong Arts And Crafts Factory. We can provide you with the matching method of lapel pins. If you are interested in cooperating with us to customize lapel pins, please contact us on our website https://www.keychainsmart.com/.


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