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How to maintain the medals?

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Medals are usually a symbol of our honor. Customized medals are a unique honor. I believe everyone will be very happy when they get customized medals and save them carefully. So here are a few tips on maintaining medals with you.

Here is the content:

l Avoid getting damp

l Avoid bumps

l Do not touch

l Avoid acid and alkali

l Frame storage

l Plastic wrap

l Plating

l Use toothpaste to remove the oxide layer

Avoid getting damp

Most customized medal badges are made of metal materials. Gold and silver materials are prone to rust and corrosion after being damp. Red spots and white fog are prone to appear in a humid environment for a long time, which affects the appearance of medals. Therefore, when collecting medals and badges, they should be stored in a sealed box, away from a humid and humid environment.

Avoid bumps

Medal badges made of gold and silver materials are relatively soft, so remember not to overlap, otherwise, it will easily cause the risk of deformation. In addition, if you encounter some small bumps, do not use blunt tools or ointments such as toothpaste at will, otherwise, it will affect the appearance of the medal to a certain extent.

Do not touch

It is easy to leave fingerprints or sweat or sweat marks with wet hands touch badge medal. If you want to enjoy playing, you can wear thinner gloves. If the gold medal is left for too long, it will inevitably be dusty and not bright. At this time, wipe it with a clean and soft cloth, and wipe with a soft brush in the corners where special care is needed.

Avoid acid and alkali

Acid and alkali have a strong corrosive effect on metals, ranging from oxidation and discoloration to damage and perforation of the entire medal badge, so it is strictly forbidden to place medal badges with acids and alkalis.

Frame storage

Nail your favorite medals and badges in the frame and mount them, and hang them at home to enjoy them anytime, anywhere, and also play a role in decorating the house.

Plastic wrap

Take the simplest and rude way to wrap each medal badge individually with plastic wrap to isolate the oxygen and moisture in the air, but because the wrap with plastic wrap is only suitable for storage and not suitable for display.


Although electroplating is the most expensive the effect is indeed the best, you can sit back and relax by choosing one or two of your favorite medals and badges to electroplate a protective film.

Use toothpaste to remove the oxide layer

For medals that have been oxidized, add a small amount of toothpaste to the cloth, scrub gently, remove the oxide layer, and put it in a sealed container for storage.

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