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How is the badge designed?

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Metal badges are a kind of badges, which are generally made by stamping, die-casting, and biting. The surface of the badge can be electroplated with gold, ancient gold, ancient silver, nickel, and other electroplating effects. It has the characteristics of concise and smooth lines and concavity and convexity of the pattern. Surface color techniques such as baking varnish, enamel, and printing can be used to make the product richer. Gold and silver badges are the most expensive, followed by copper badges, zinc alloy badges, and iron badges that are the cheapest.

Here is the content list:

lThe idea of the badge

lSketch the badge

lImprove the badge design

The idea of the badge

The process of badge design is mainly to understand the relevant corporate culture, conceive the form of expression in advance, and generate a rough presentation method of the badge pattern in the designer's mind. Once you have a general understanding and idea of badge design, you can proceed to the next step of badge making.

Sketch the badge

In the badge design process, drawing badge sketches is also a very important part, which is tantamount to concretizing the previous badge concept. Through the sketch of the badge, it can be further judged whether the designed badge is truly integrated into the corporate culture and whether it highlights the desired beauty of the badge. And in the process of drawing the badge sketch, the previous idea will be more accurate.

Improve the badge design

After designing the badge sketch, the next step is the final step, which is to modify and improve the drawn badge sketch. For example, add colors to the badge sketch, or modify the details of the badge, and see if the badge really conforms to the corporate culture and feel that the badge design is satisfactory.

When perfecting the badge design, it is necessary to determine the customized effect of the badge. Customized metal badges are made of metal materials such as copper, iron, zinc alloy, or gold and silver through a certain badge process. In recent years, the collection value of badges has become more and more prominent. In particular, badges and medals made of metal materials have become the mainstream of badge production, such as enamel badges and imitation enamel badges in high-end badges, as well as lacquered badges, and Metal badges made of iron are relatively cheap and so on.

The manufacturer is responsible for following the production process of the club badge to ensure the development of the club badge market. Pingyang Jiahong Arts And Crafts Factory conducted a large number of quality inspections on the badges before the badges were produced, and provided satisfactory badge designs, which provided a guarantee. If you are engaged in business related to participating badges, for example, we cooperated with KFC and provided many badge souvenirs for them. If you are interested in our products, you can consider using our cost-effective products. At the same time, you can go to our website: https://www.keychainsmart.com/ to view more products, and look forward to cooperating with you.

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