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Features of our keychain products

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A keychain is a decorative item hanging on a key ring. The keychain can be used as an ornament or as a gift on various occasions. The keychains are exquisite, compact, and ever-changing shapes are daily necessities that people carry with them. The product features of our metal keychains have four


Here is the content list:

Keychain is made of durable metal

The surface of the keychain is highly polished

The keychain has multiple finishes

A variety of chain options for keychains


Keychain is made of durable metal

There are many styles of keychain. There are traditional styles such as lock pieces, chicken hearts, flower baskets, and ingots that are not inlaid with gems. This type of keychain is a traditional style that our people prefer. Keychain are often engraved with various patterns, zodiac patterns, auspicious characters, etc. Due to the influence of foreign jewelry, the styles of keychain are becoming more and more abundant, with various animal and plant graphics, portraits, and abstract patterns. In the key chain factory, there is also a photo box key chain factory that can store small photos. This kind of keychain is often a token of mutual gifts between lovers. There are two styles, "opening and closing" and "moving open". The open and closed photo box keychain can open and close at will like a door. The move-open photo box keychain is to move left and right to open the photo box

Religious keychain such as the cross and the crucifixion are also loved by many young people. As jewelry materials become more abundant, the styles of metal keychains and the shapes of keychain are also exceptionally colorful


The surface of the keychain is highly polished

Highly polished, a commonly used term in the jewelry industry. It means that the jewelry metal has a mirror-like surface. It can also be used in the production process of metal keychains to make the keychains brighter, smoother, and more aesthetically pleasing.


The keychain has multiple finishes

The finish refers to the surface of the keychain with patterns. Our metal keychain uses a multi-faceted process so that our keychain has patterns on both sides. In this way, we can make our metal keychains more beautiful and practical. At the same time, they can make the keychains more beautiful when in use. There will be no patterns on one side, and the other side is a traditional design with a cold metallic color.


A variety of chain options for keychains

The chain style of the metal keychain is even more exciting. The material of the keychain chain is not only rich and beautiful but also has a strong decorative color and luster. The overall style of the keychain chain is often the focus of the design and the center of the embellishment effect. In the chain design of modern metal keychains, the structure of metal keychains is sometimes partly adopted.


Pingyang Jiahong Crafts Factory selects high-quality raw materials and uses advanced production technology and professional die-casting technology to make keychains. We are confident to ensure that the keychains we make can meet your product requirements.

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